If you are buying or selling a Co-op, Condo or House, you need a Residential Closing Attorney to represent you during the Process of the Deal: from Intake; through the Contract Stage, explaining and protecting; to Handle issues with title, rights and obligations during the Pendency of the Contract; to Prepare for Closing; and to Appear and Represent you at the closing table to conclude (“Close”) the deal.

Greg Maybaum, Real Estate Closings is a law firm specializing in representing buyers and sellers of residential properties.

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My Goal is to Help.
And I put in a lot of Hard Work to accomplish this.

We want to help our clients; keep them informed, educate and guide them...

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To allow me the time to approach every challenge properly,
I Only Work on Residential Closings

We charge a reasonable flat fee for our services that takes into consideration our approach, our expertise and an estimate of the time and issues involved. Our fees are certainly competitive. We are not a volume firm. Done properly, representation takes time, focus, availability and experience.

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I approach every day, each deal and each issue with a mindset of being available, focused, and helpful. This is what
Distinguishes Me from Others.

This is what makes a former client refer their friend. It’s what motivates a broker to recommend us on a deal. It’s what causes another attorney to recommend us where they get both sides of the deal. It’s what convinces the buyer on the other side of a deal to come across the table and use us as their firm when they sell.

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But don't just take my word for it, read What They are Saying About me


“... Greg was the best legal counsel I could have asked for. His honest feedback, quick turnaround and extensive knowledge are just a few of the many qualities a client will benefit from when working with him to ensure an easy closing...”

Bobby, Co-op Purchaser who came to me fresh without a broker

“Thank you so much for taking care of everything. We know it's your job and yet we have a feeling that you really care.”

Koby, Condo Purchaser

“...You helped us navigate every step and fully explained the process so we always knew what to expect and felt comfortable. We have very high expectations regarding accessibility and responsiveness, and you not only met but exceeded our expectations in these areas as well.

Jeff, UWS condo purchaser

“I would like to add that your attorney, Greg Maybaum, kept the faith against all odds, and kept the selling attorneys calm and in motion, when, at times, they seemed to prefer to simply re-schedule in about 10 days! Greg was awesome! Really helped us hold this all together! I would refer him at any time, to your friends and colleagues.”

– Satisfied Broker acknowledgement

“... Dear Greg, Thank you very much for a job well done. Phil told us about your encounter yesterday at closing. We were lucky to have had you in our corner. Phil said you had everything under control and was grateful to be represented by such an experienced attorney. ”

– Parents of Co-op Purchaser, 24th Street

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To allow me the time to approach every challenge properly, I Only Work on Residential Closings

The questions keep us sharp. Quick calculations for closing costs. Interpreting contract clauses. How long can a party delay the closing? Do I need an appraisal contingency? What are the risks with waiving a loan contingency? Do I need a home inspection? Is the seller responsible for repairing damage during  move out? What am I looking for during a pre closing walk through? Or any other questions. Use us as a source for answers. Email or Call — weekends are fine. And of course FREE OF CHARGE.

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We are Here to Help

We are centrally located in Midtown Manhattan. Use the form below or call us for a consultation and review of your deal. We can then work out a reasonable flat fee for your closing.



Greg Maybaum, Real Estate Closings
420 Lexington Ave, Suite 300
New York, NY 10170

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